- You have a vision. Lets get creative, collaborate and find solutions to not only craft your vision, but to take it a few steps further. Let’s create something beautiful we’re all proud of.

As complete strangers, Gabe and Jon found themselves stuck on a sailboat together, somewhere off the coast of Iceland, snow flying, cameras in hand. Almost instantaneously, there was a spark between them. Not that kind of a spark, but a creative fire that, before the sailboat came back to dock, had them plotting and planning the creation of Out There Films. 

In the years since, Jon and Gabe have collaborated on projects large and small. Commercial and documentary. Each, with years of blood, sweat and tears, telling stories of adventure from places high and low, via the apertures they look through. These guys and the expansive team they have in their wings, deliver. 

Although Out There is a boutique production company, we often tap into a network of select producers, cinematographers, photographers, sound engineers and video editors required for high-level filmmaking. Our crew has produced everything from shiny advertising ads to award-winning film festival pieces. 

Here's the thing. We love telling stories. We love authenticity. We love emotion. And we love connection. If this rings true with you or your brand, we’ll get along swimmingly. 

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